Eighteen Free Cloud Storage Options

The cloud is full of free storage options if you know the right places to look. Below are a few popular options: Amazon Cloud – 5 GB in S3; free unlimited photo storage for Amazon Prime customers Apple iCloud Drive – 5 GB of storage and can be upgraded for… Read More

GoPro QuikStories

If you are a big social media user you probably have noticed the trend towards the so called “stories”, which give friends temporary updates of your day. First Snapchat, then Instagram, Facebook, and now GoPro. GoPro recently came out with “QuikStories” which are shareable videos from your camera for uploading… Read More

IoT in the Coming Years

In the past few years IoT has become one of the hottest and long lasting trends. Almost half the world’s population is online. From thermostats regulating our temperature to TV’s/speakers responding to our every need, our lives truly do revolve around technology. According t6o Gartner, the number of worldwide Internet… Read More

Storage Certifications

For those of you who are looking for a new job or aiming to grow professionally, a certification could be the answer. From a hiring manager’s point of view, certifications can help trim some risk from the recruitment process. Below are some of the programs you can look into: SNIA… Read More

Microsoft’s Free Computer Science Curriculum

Interested in finding cheap and introductory computer science courses for your kids? Microsoft is now offering a free computer science curriculum. The course is designed to attract a broader and diverse audience including those who have never even considered programming. The course is designed to emphasize hands on coding and… Read More

Alexa enables free calling

Alexa announces its newest feature: Alexa calling. That’s right. Alexa now has free voice calling and messaging services that you can use through all Echo devices as well as the Alexa app users. Users of the latest Echo will get many additional features as well. One of them is the… Read More

Wireframe tools that can help you create Great Websites

Wireframe – one of the most basic wireframe tools web designers and developers can employ. With the simplicity, users can focus on the task at hand. This is perfect for developers who are looking to access their wireframes at anytime and at any place. Mockflow – Another great solution similar… Read More

Excel Data Entry Form

Using Excel’s built in data entry form is a very convenient way to enter data into Excel. Overall, the form allows you to do 3 simple things: Start a new database table and add records Scroll through data records Edit/delete individual records All you need for Excel’s data entry form… Read More

Photoshop can Clean all kinds of your Images

It is common to think that “retouching” implies to only using Photoshop and enhancing Lightroom images. But many of the same editing techniques improve portraits that can clean up almost any kind of image. Linked below is a video that demonstrates an example of how you can clean up an… Read More

Keyboard shows Vim commands

The vim text editor is beloved by programmers. It is very powerful but overwhelmingly complicated that most developers want to actually exit Vim. Most people who are introduced to Vim spend a lot of time looking at references and guides but little do they know that there is a keyboard… Read More

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