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The New Moto G5S Plus

With all the craziness in the iOS world as the new iPhones come out, let’s take a look into the Android world.

For all you Android lovers out there, September 29th is the date to save. Moto 5G and G5 Plus have been known to be some of the best devices out there but now an upgraded device is rolling out. The G5S Plus is is coming out with a larger screen, a rear camera module with dual 13MP sensors, a front facing camera with dual 8 MP, and a new metal body that replaces the plastic frame.

The G5S Plus launches at the same price as the G5 Plus and is currently available for preorder from Motorola. Starting on September 29th it will be on sale from Best Buy, B&H, Fry’s, Motorola, New Egg, Ting, and Walmart.com.

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