Unexpected Bad Weather Can Cause Unexpected Lost Power

With El Nino season in the works, your business should be protected from possible power outages. 

In January of this year powerful wind gusts knocked over tens to thousands of trees and power lines in Southern California. As a result of the bad weather, about 52,000 households and businesses experienced a sprawling outage from Winnetka to Sun Valley to Studio City.

As you already know, the El Nino season is approaching, but the repercussions are still up in the air. However, in 2010, El Nino caused power outages and floods throughout the area that caused some severe damage. Sandbags surrounded homes that were partially flooded by storms during the season and fallen trees and power lines caused power outages for several hours.

San Diego, California Talk Radio Station - AM 760 KFMB

San Diego, California Talk Radio Station – AM 760 KFMB

For the upcoming El Nino season, so far “preparations include establishing two hotlines—one to report blocked drainage channels and one to report flooding—and making city employees available after hours and on weekends to coordinate emergency responses.”

Because bad weather only hits Southern California once in a blue moon, we are not entirely sure how severe an expected storm is going to be. But ignoring the necessary preparations for a possible power outage is just not worth it when it comes to protecting your business information, data, files, etc.

RedOrum offers UPS Power in which protects your technology with stable and clean power by using better than industry standard, uninterrupted power supplies (UPS).

UPS Power has plenty of advantages, all of which can sustain power for a limited time so you can:

  • Outlast a power outage
  • Withstand power surges
  • Provide enough time for your computer/storage systems to properly power down



Capable to suit all sizes and brands


From single-phase and three-phase UPS supplies ranging from 400 VA to 750 kVA, UPS power meets the needs of any environment or application


Provides protection for a variety of mission critical applications including:

  • Small data centers
  • Medical
  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial
  • Telecomm
  • Commercial buildings


UPS Power

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