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All sizes and brands to suit any desired battery capacity.

Small office to Industrial manufacturing

With single-phase and three-phase UPS supplies ranging from 400 VA to 750 kVA, our power protection solutions meet the needs of virtually any environment or application.

Protection for critical applications

UPS provides power protection for a variety of mission critical applications including small data centers, medical, manufacturing, industrial, telecomm and commercial buildings. This UPS operates in double conversion mode with true continuous online VFI (voltage and frequency independent) operation.

What’s the Point?

Keeps your critical business machines and applications online during short or long power outages and power surges to safe guard from data corruption or lost services when it matters most.

What we offer

  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

    Single and three-phase solutions that range from 400VA–750kVA in standby, line-interactive, online and ferroresonant topologies

  • Modular UPS

    Three-phase solutions in 10kVA–100kVA models. Hot swappable modules provide the ultimate upgradable and serviceable UPS.

  • Portable Air Conditioning

    Space-saving, high-efficiency units deliver powerful cooling directly to areas filled with heat generating electronics. Simple to install; just roll it in, plug it in and turn it on.

  • Rack Power Distribution Units (PDU)

    Reliable power distribution for high density loads including outlet control, circuit metering and remote monitoring. Single-phase and three-phase models available.

  • Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS)

    Provide redundancy to single-corded devices. ATS provides a simple and reliable solution for automatically sensing power loss and seamlessly switching to an alternate power source.

  • UL924 Lighting Inverters

    Maintain efficient AC single-phase and three-phase emergency power to operate emergency lighting fixtures and protect against unwanted power outages and electrical disturbances.

  • Micro-Modular Data Centers

    Micro modular data centers reduce the cost that is normally needed to build and operate a traditional data center. Deployable indoors or outdoors and featuring closed loop redundant cooling, fire suppression, UPS and security. Available up to 80kW per rack.

  • Maintenance Bypass Panels

    RedOrum stocks multiple configurations of rack and wall mount maintenance bypass systems. Designed to safely isolate a UPS from utility power and from the protected load in order for a user to perform regular service and maintenance, the panels ensure that power is maintained at all times to the critical load.

  • Replacement Batteries/Racks

    Our replacement batteries are compatible with all manufacturers’ UPS. We also offer custom cabinet battery systems to achieve extended runtimes with all UPS systems. Our battery solutions are available with a full 3 year warranty.

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