Top Free Alternatives

If you’re paying for premium software, chance are there is a free alternative out there you could use instead, with features just as good as the ones you have been accustomed to. Whether you fancy a change from you usual application of choice,

Using premium software? Chances are that there are other free alternatives that you don’t know about with similar features. Here are a couple of free softwares:
1) GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Program) – widely accepted as the best free alternatives to Photoshop. It is packed with similar tools and options.
2) Pixlr Editor – stripped- down version of Photoshop in a browser and has some similar features
3) LibreOffice – can be used in replace of Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office’s word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation bundle of tools are completely free to use.
4) Google Drive – has lightweight office applications you can use for free and access from any machine
5) Light works or DaVinci Resolve – use instead of Adobe Premiere Pro. It is a genuinely professional-level package available in a limited free version. The interface is a bit confusing but once the user gets used to it, it is very useful.
6) LMMS – open source music production application that composes tunes, mix tracks, adds effects, and much more.
7) GarageBand – good alternative for track-by-track audio editing
8) VLC Media Player – speedy and flexible media player that can process almost any format you give it
9) TeamViewer – provides a simple way of getting at someone else’s PC or accessing your own machine remotely
10) Handbrake – freeware gem for anyone who needs to do anything to do with video conversions. It can convert pretty much any format.
If you are under a certain budget but want certain features, consider searching for alternatives like these before paying for premium.

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