Strengthen your Social Media Game

Promoting your company/brand in an informative and effective way is one of the keys to strengthening your online presence. It is extremely important that you create a positive and friendly image of your company through social media. Here are a couple of tips to help with this:

  • Link to your own content – When you are initially trying to create a strong profile, it is good to comment on others posts and link them to your own content so they are aware and can possibly promote your company.
  • Use other’s content – Sharing content form other experts in the field strengthens your relationships and gives your brand a good image
  • Post about special product/service – it is good to keep the followers updated on special offers and services being offered
  • Tell stories – Followers love hearing stories and reading about something relatable. If your content is short and concise yet entertaining, followers will love to read your content
  • Visuals – In the midst of a bunch of words, visuals like pictures and videos will always caught the human eye. Make sure to post visuals with your content often
  • Post questions – It is best to engage the audience instead of pursuing a one-way conversation. When you ask questions, you are allowing the followers to participate and share their opinions
  • Personal content – It is very important to tell stories and share personal stories. It gives a face to the brand and allows the followers to really identify with it. This is perhaps the most important part of your social media content. Make sure it is genuine.



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