Stop your Computer from Slowing Down

No matter what computer you have, as time passes it will start to slow down. Here are a couple of things you can do to prevent this:
  1. Keep programs and extensions to a minimum – The more the operating system has to deal with, the more resources that are used up. You can also see if there are possible web versions that can be used instead
  2. Don’t let anything auto-start – A lot of programs just automatically start up the same time as Windows and macOS and this can lead the computer to take more time to boot up and function
  3. Security needs to be a top priority – unwanted malware applications and adware can always make their way onto your system. To prevent this, security needs to be on its A game.
  4. Update everything regularly – Updating your software can serve as one of the keys to maintaining a safe and healthy system
  5. Refresh, reset, repeat – Resetting your computer can result in significant performance boosts. It is important to have a backup of all our files, however.

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