MacOS X Clean Cluttered Hard Drive

With a new year comes new beginnings. Take it upon yourself to clean out your cluttered devices and start out fresh. One of the handy new features in macOS Sierra is the storage manager. Now there is a built in feature that will help you find the files and application that most hog up the space on your hard drive.


The Storage Manager can be obtained in two ways:

  • You can pull it up by searching for “Storage Management” in Spotlight
  • Apple logo > About This Mac > Storage Tab > Manage

The first tab you see when you open Storage Management is the Recommendation tab. This tab will give you quick and easy ways to free up space on your hard drive. There are also other options:

  • Store in iCloud – moves files back and forth between your Mac and iCloud based on your usage. This option only keeps recently opened files on your hard drive
  • Optimize Storage – automatically remove files you don’t need anymore
  • Empty Trash Automatically – deletes items in trash that are 30 days or older.
  • Reduce Clutter – Click the “review files” button which takes you to the documents tab

The options above will take time, however. If you are trying to urgently clear up space here are some fast ways how:

  • Documents – The documents tab sorts your large files and is the simplest way that you can free up space. It contains the biggest files and folders.
  • iBooks – iBooks take a considerable amount of space and if you aren’t using them, then they should be deleted
  • iOS Files – you can quickly clear up a lot of storage by deleting an old iOS backup and installer.
  • iTunes – clear out as many old music and movies you don’t use anymore
  • Mail – you can change Apple mail settings to only save recent emails and attachments
  • Photos – if you use iCloud Photo Library, you can include “optimized photos” or low resolution versions of photos on you Mac
  • Trash – it is good to empty the trash every once and a while because this can often take up a lot of space and many people forget about it


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