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Whats’s New

Upgrading the platform to a modern design and updated collaboration features.

New Login Interface


New Webmail Client Interface

The new webmail client easily replaces installed applications — such as Microsoft Outlook — that can require high levels of maintenance and management. Compatible with any mobile and desktop browser. 

Feature-rich webmail interface

You can create virtually any type of message or add flair to Notes and Tasks by highlighting important information using the integrated WYSIWYG editor.

New Calendar Look

Easy Calendar Sharing

Contact Card view

Easy Contact list Sharing

Team Workspace portal for Video Chat/Conference

Team Workspaces makes working with multiple different people, in multiple different locations, efficient and effective. It includes audio and/or video conferencing for up to 8 participants, though there’s no limit to the number of people who can participate in a workspace text chat.

Audio/Video Calling/Chat/Collaboration

A Team Workspace audio/video conference can accommodate up to 8 individual participants, but those participants can be from anywhere: they do NOT have to be part of your organization.

File storage and link sharing

The integrated file storage can eliminate large file attachments and makes file sharing easy: simply upload a file to a folder of your choice, then include a link to that file from within your email message. Users have the ability to password protect file downloads as well as put an expiration date on the links provided.

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