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Microsoft Announces Windows 10 Event In January

Microsoft Windows 10 announcement has been schedule for late January. Microsoft has announced a substantial Windows 10 event taking place on their Redmond, Washington campus January 21st, 2015. Press invitations have been sent out and many believe this will be the announcement of the release date for their next operating system, Windows 10.

Microsoft is describing this event as the “the next chapter”, which has many speculating a lot of different things about what that tagline means. One possibility widely speculated is that Microsoft plans to release Windows 10 free to consumers in order to promote growth of their platform as well as get users to update more regularly to the newest version. These are just a few reasons as to why many think this will happen. Click here to read more about why many say Windows 10 will be released for free.  (link to our Windows 10 Free article)

A consumer build of Windows 10 has leaked onto the web December 14th to give an early look at the various changes Microsoft is planning to make. Although Microsoft plans to detail these features in the January 21st event, the biggest new feature in the most recent technical preview is Cortana. A video leaked earlier this month shows how Cortana integrates with the search interface of Windows 10. This function looks very similar to the Windows phone version which provides access to the notebook and reminders.

Reports suggest there will be a heavy focus from a consumer point of view during this event. Experts believe Microsoft plans to talk about their new touch interface dubbed “Continuum”, which is designed to make it easy for users to switch between touch interfaces and non-touch ones. Microsoft is also set to detail its plans for Windows phones and tablets, which will possibly include updates for its Xbox One gaming console. Because Windows 10 is designed to run a wide range of devices including PCs, tablets and phones, Microsoft wants to make this release of the operating system the most “comprehensive platform ever released.”

More details and speculation will be released leading up to the event, but with all the buzz surrounding this announcement there will be a lot of attention on Redmond, Washington January 21st. RedOrum will keep you up to date with any news leading up to the event.

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