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Mac OS X Features

You’ve probably heard of Apple’s latest release of Mac OS X, which has been nicknamed Sierra. Apple is striving to make it easier for users to switch between devices and transfer files and data. Here are some new features that Sierra has to offer:

mac x

  1. Apple has made it easier to login to a password-protected laptop using another Apple device.
  2. Universal clipboard – you can now copy text, videos, and images on another apple device and paste it into your MacOS device
  3. iCloud – MacOS will automatically make room for new files by moving old ones to the cloud
  4. Apple Pay – when shopping online you can now use Apple Pay through your iPhone and Apple Watch
  5. Picture – in – picture – you can now multi-task by watching a movie while getting some work done
  6. Siri – you can now use Siri on the MacOS, which will be activated by clicking on the button in the top right corner or by saying “Hey Siri”

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