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Akamai gets Attacked

Facing it’s biggest DDos attacks ever against a top secret blogger, Akamai has run into a huge problem. The delivery network has dropped protection for the Krebs on Security blog after experiencing an attack resulting in ovhierwhelming traffic, more than Akamai has ever seen before. This was due largely due to the many devices on the internet of things which worked out to the attackers’ advantage. Although the exact number of devices involved in this attack was unknown, it could be as large as a million. Akamai does know that all traffic consisted of legitimate http requests to overwhelm the blog site.

The massive attack left Akamai with no other choice but to cancel his account because defending it became to costly. After three days of trying to mitigate the situation, the business had to cut the affected customer loose.

Akamai has a lot to learn from this attack. It will continue to analyze the situation and devise tools to fight similar attacks in the future.



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