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Leaked Screenshots Show Microsoft’s Prototype Browser Spartan

Microsoft's newest browser Spartan is set to replace the long standing Internet Explorer.Microsoft’s anticipated Windows 10 event is creeping closer and while many people have a good idea of what Microsoft plans to announce, the eagerness for the event is at an all-time high. As this event draws nearer more leaks and news about the features of Windows 10 are being released. The latest leak has to do with the browser Microsoft is developing to be the successor of their long standing flagship Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer was first released 19 years ago and has been a staple to every Windows operating system release since. As we have written before, Microsoft is trying to make Windows 10 the most comprehensive operating system ever released which is why there is expected to be a lot of changes. Recently Chinese site, Cnbeta, leaked screenshots of the upcoming browser code-named Spartan. These screenshots show the simple interface of Spartan as well as the added Cortana digital assistant integration. Cortana is expected to play a big role in Windows 10 and more specifically to the search capabilities of this new browser.

Microsoft's newest browser Spartan is set to replace the long standing Internet Explorer.

The screenshot’s don’t just reveal Spartan’s look and feel, they also reveal the new Windows 10 interface. According to the popular tech website The Verge, the upcoming release of Windows 10 will have two different color schemes, one light and one dark scheme. The screenshots hint that the interface of Windows 10 will be very similar to Windows phones and enthusiastic fans of Windows are excited to get this inside information. The leaked information provides an early look at the internal concept and aim for the final user interface.

Although these screen shots may ultimately look nothing like the final product, any news is exciting to loyal users around the world. Microsoft is expected to unveil these user interface changes as well as debut a mobile version of Windows 10 at their event on January 21st.


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