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4 Reasons to Look Forward to Windows 10

windows10_fbEarly last month Microsoft released a free preview of their upcoming operating system Windows 10. Recent chatter about this release of Microsoft’s flagship product shows they are serious about once again becoming the clear leader in operating systems. Windows 10 has been overhauled to incorporate many features users have voiced they want to see. Microsoft’s goal for Windows 10 is to offer the most comprehensive, user friendly, and device interchangeable operating system ever made. Although Microsoft says they have only given away 10% of what the OS is capable of, what they have already shown has people very excited. Microsoft released screen shots to give people a better idea of what to expect when Windows 10 becomes available.

Start Menu

First and foremost, passionate Windows fans will be ecstatic to see a fan favorite is back, the Start menu. The Start menu went away in Windows 8, which in turn had loyal users clamoring for it to come back. The Start menu has a refreshed design and will be able to feature apps you use often. This addition to the Start menu will be an important feature and can help make workflow more efficient.


Windows Apps

Metro apps were introduced with Windows 8 but one of the issues was the inability to multi-task while using an app. The apps were only able to be viewed in full-screen or split-screen mode which was not practical for many users. Windows 10 will not have these issues. Microsoft greatly improved this feature and not only can you run the app outside of full-screen mode, you will be able to open more than one app at once.


The following screenshot shows the added ability to view anywhere from two to four windows on-screen at the same time.


Task Views

A long awaited feature, especially for power users, is the ability to use Task View. Users now will be able to switch between as many desktops as they want and this feature will greatly improve workflow for any level of user. When working on multiple projects you can set up different parts of the project on their own separate desktop. From here you can jump back and forth between multiple different tasks and keep your project efficient and organized.


Multiple Devices

For anyone who uses multiple devices, a consistent experience is crucial to how all your devices work together. If you are someone who wants a seamless experience across devices, Windows 10 is what you are looking for. Microsoft has already announced the desktop version of Windows 10 will be identical to the mobile version. Additionally, there will be only one app store for both mobile and desktop versions of the OS. Microsoft says many of the apps will be optimized to fit on any screen with the goal of having one uniform OS.


The buzz about Windows 10 is growing and if all goes according to plan Microsoft could regain a larger share of users across many different devices. If Microsoft has indeed only given away 10% of what this operating system can do, Windows fans cannot wait to see what else is in store. Microsoft has made it clear Windows 10 is going to be unlike any other they have created before.

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