It’s That Time of Year For Your PC Routine Maintenance

Busy season is coming to a close, which means your PC most likely needs its routine maintenance.

There are plenty of required routine maintenance needed for your computer to ensure stability,  productivity and to avoid any forthcoming issues. Whether it be the need for updated software or a clean-up of disk space, we at RedOrum offer rapid responses to all inquiries and strive to resolve your needs quickly and efficiently.

Healthy Computer

To prevent possible downtime in the future, we recommend these system maintenance:

  1. Update Wi-Fi router

Updating your Wi-Fi router’s firmware can speed up your Internet connection and overall improves the performance of your router and connected technologies by fixing possible bugs.

  1. Disk space clean up

Getting rid of old or unused files can help create space on your computer for more recent and important files you need.

  1. Test data backup

Testing your backup restore allows you to be prepared for any unforeseen disasters.

  1. Update operating system and software

Many programs/apps on your computer do not update automatically. By updating your operating system and software, you are improving your computer’s security by fixing unknown bugs or vulnerabilities.

  1. Uninstall old/unused programs

Simply uninstalling unwanted programs can free up disk space and memory.

  1. Hardware scan and clean up

Dust accumulates and the hot weather can cause overheating, so checking up on your hardware is important to the performance of your computer.

Although these tasks seem simple, they are often forgotten about. RedOrum offers all of these system maintenance services and more that will ensure your computer(s) runs smoothly and trouble-free for the upcoming business months.

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