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What is Colocation?


Can’t satisfy your hosting options?

But your budget is not enough to afford to have the Internet infrastructure to host your own web servers and have a team of IT professionals?

Colocation might be a good option for your businesses!

What is Colocation?

Colocation is a hosting option for small businesses who want the features of a large IT department without the costs. Colocation allows you to place your server machine in someone else’s rack and share their bandwidth as your own.

One of the biggest advantage of colocation is the cost. For the same price of using limited bandwidth business grade DSL line, a single server can be placed in colocation facility that provides higher bandwidth speeds and better redundancy for the network connections.

Also, colocation facilities have better outage protection, which will provide backup power to protect against any type of outage situation.

However, you might be having hard time finding colocation providers. You probably want to find the provider near your office or home, but unless you live near a large city with major network hubs, chances are unlikely you will find many colocation options. Even though you find colocation provider near you, physical access to your server can be difficult and limited.

Read more about colocation: (http://webdesign.about.com/od/colocation/a/what_colocation.htm)

RedOrum’s colocation services provides maximum security and compliance for your server’s. This service is for those who require additional control, flexibility and additional computing power over shared hosting. Colocation hosting has benefits of redundant power, HVAC systems and blended internet connectivity to ensure Internet uptime. You can extend your infrastructure or to create your own private cloud.

To resolve the disadvantages of colocation due to physical absence of the server, our colocation center is a SSAE 16-compliant, SOC 1, 2, and 3 audited facility that features an impressive 9.1 Megawatts of power, N+1 or better redundancy, and security protocols required by leading businesses in the most stringent verticals.

How would you know if colocation is best hosting option for you?

If you need to own and manage your own server without paying a high price for leasing equipment and you need more than just the standard shared Web hosting, colocation is the best next option.

Contact us today and get more robust services with RedOrum’s colocation!

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