Business Technology Giving You Migraines?

Act now and stop the pain.

Last Friday, I heard a 32-bit ringtone that took me back to my middle school memories. Back then, I was the only person who had a phone with a 32-bit ringtone. I never turned off my phone or had it on silent mode, just so that I could show it off.

But nowadays we can hardly find anybody with that elementary type of phone in the current digital world we live.

Business Technology Giving You Migraine?Today’s Smart Phone, comes with an abundant of mobile applications that interacts and are integrated into our daily lives.The users can personalize the use of applications and overtime, it eventually becomes our personal assistant for taking notes and dictations, reminds us to pick up our cloths, make dinner appointments, and even track our sleeping habits.

Recently, Healint (a Singapore-based healthcare startup) has released a new application called “Migraine Buddy,” to help patients and doctors collaborate on migraine care. Migraine Buddy helps patients’ to keep track of their symptoms on a dashboard for doctors to reference during checkups.  In addition, the app also collects movement and sleep data through a Smart Phone sensor, making data available even when patients forget to enter their information.

When it comes to business, although technology might provide us a better way to juggle and track our daily life, the process of applying it to your company’s business can be a challenge, frustrating, and at times, gives you migraines.  The good news is, there is a solution waiting for your call and beckon.

Ask your self this:

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