Free Utilities that can give you more control over your PC

Belarc Advisor

  • Tells you in detail all about your hardware, software, patch status, security settings, networking inventory, and more
  • Aimed at individual home users


  • Provides very detailed information about your hardware
  • Provides real time tracking of things such as temperature and power usage

Prime95 and MemTest86+

  • Prime95 uses your processor to calculate extremely large prime numbers
  • MemTest86 + taxes your RAM with several different memory straining algorithms

MSI Afterburner

  • Squeeze out every last pixel out of your video and do it without melting your motherboard
  • Popular graphics-card overclocking and monitoring programs


  • Runs scan of all your internal drives to see what files are taking space and where they are


  • Restores deleted items from all local drives including USB memory sticks, memory cards, and regular drives.
  • Securely deletes files and makes them impossible to recover


  • Notifies of everything that loads on top of Windows when you start your computer and lets you decide whether you want it or not

Process Explorer and Process Manager

  • Both give you in-depth information on everything running on your system
  • Process Explorer is like a Turbocharged Task Manager replacement
  • Process Manager features real-time monitoring of all process operations

BitMeter OS and Wireshark

  • BitMeter provides real-time bandwidth analysis in a slick, user-friendly package that is easy for anyone to understand
  • Wireshark provides information about every single piece of data entering and leaving your computer. It used more by security professionals and intermediate users


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