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Amazon Echo’s competitor

The first stand alone hardware dedicated to Microsoft’s AI has now been released and it nearly looks like a clone of the Amazon Echo.

Like the Echo, these speakers provide the 360-degree sound effect. Cortana is the star here. The voice assistant will be backed by seven microphone array, along with noise cancellation technology which will help the device to better focus on the voice especially when people say “Hey Cortana”. There isn’t too much detail released about this device but it promises music control and the ability to control Smart Home devices.

The arrival of the Invoke would mark a turning point for Microsoft Cortana, the Windows 10 assistant that is used as a text based search and is backed by a powerful search engine, meaning that is may know more than Alexa. However, Harman Kardon is a owned subsidiary of Samsung and Microsoft’s decision to go with Harman Kardon could indicate that there will be many more hardware partnerships to come in the future.
Sources: http://flip.it/XfDNJX

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