Facebook Debuts its First Virtual Reality App

Facebook has been devoting many of its resources and funds to virtual reality. It is now intertwining the real and virtual worlds in its new app, Facebook 360.

During the time of its launching, Facebook 360 will just be available for the Gear VR mobile headset. It will feature four main feeds:

  1. The Explore Tab – gives users a bird’s-eye look at the content that has been popular amongst Facebook
  2. Following Tab – narrows down content to only the people you are following. The content is produced by your friends.
  3. Saved tab – lets you experience 360 content you may have seen on the web through the headset
  4. Timeline – serves as a gallery that lets you see your own 360 photos and videos all in one place

In the end, Facebook 360 is a lot like Facebook but gives users the opportunity to see things in a more immersive in-headset experience. It is clear that the company has a clear vision to bring its nearly 2 billion users into the VR world and it could serve as the trailblazer in VR apps to come.


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