Expected Security Trends for the Year

With security vendors offering the newest and most advanced safeguards, malware and attacks are only becoming more powerful. What security trends can we predict for this upcoming year? Here are a few:Hackers on the Loose

  1. Malware will continue to evolve – every year more and more security defenses are being offered but malware becomes even more stronger. One trend that is appearing is the appearance of memory-resident malware. Attackers are beginning to shift their technique to mobile malware. Mobile devices can be lethal and can expose corporate information if it is connected to the corporate wifi. 
  2. IoT complexity lead to more DDoS attacks – the IoT has an issue of having a wide variety of protocols and standards and products with weak security features. The more complex it is, the more security issues will arise. There have already been numerous amounts of DDoS attacks by IoT devices 
  3. Applying AI and machine learning to security – there are now many security vendors that advertise features such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning to help enterprises recognize and respond to attacks. Hopefully effective marketing will give way to real products that translate into real security protection measures. 
  4. SDN rises and SD-WAN takes off – the SDN industry hopes enterprises will begin to deploy SDN and adopt automation and network programmability. In 2017, we see more people switching to SD-WAN. Hybrid WANS may continue to grow overtime.
  5. Cloud security on the rise – there are many freely available security practices and suggestions for organizations to start moving to the cloud in a secure manner. For those organizations that are already in the cloud, there is good advice out available on how to maintain a secure network. As more organizations switch to the cloud and realize that they can operate even safer and more convenient, it will become more popular. 
  6. IPv6 will continue to double – the newest internet protocol IPv6 is gaining popularity and is likely to start running on mobile devices. As IPv4 is reaching its peak, IPv6 will begin to accelerate and dominate. 


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