Codecademy Releases Free SQL Course

Take advantage of this free SQL course and enhance your knowledge of databases!

Codecademy, an education company whose mission is to teach the world how to code, recently launched a free interactive course on the basics of SQL (Structured Query Language), one of the popular languages today for managing databases.




The course is about 3 hours long and requires technical knowledge at the beginner level. During the course, you will learn the basics of SQL such as:

  • Commands to manipulate data stored in regional databases
  • The most commonly used SQL commands
  • How to query a table in a database
  • How to use SQL to perform calculations during a query
  • How to query multiple tables using joins

The course allows you to learn through various tutorials that build upon previous exercises. Your knowledge will be tested through quizzes or other recommended resources that can dive deeper into each topic.

Click here to access the FREE course today!

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