Bluesmart Carry-On Suitcase Has Been Shipped Out

Bluesmart has successfully sent out their first revolutionary travel invention to anxious customers.

Image credit: Bluesmart


In the beginning of this month, Bluesmart, a technology company that designs Internet-connected travel products, shipped out 100 smart connected carry-on suitcases to each customer who pre-ordered the product earlier this summer.

The Bluesmart Carry-On Suitcase is changing the way people travel with its high tech capabilities and convenient features such as:

  • Location tracker
  • Proximity sensors
  • Digital clock
  • Easy access storage space for devices
  • Battery charger for smartphone (up to 6 times)
  • Built-in smart scale
  • Bluetooth-enabled remote lock

FUN FACT: Bluesmart was able to design the smart carry-on suitcase after an incredibly successful crowd-fund in which raised $1.9 million from a community of 8,500 backers in 109 countries.

Powered by 3G-connectivity, the Bluesmart Carry-on Suitcase has a limited quantity available for the remainder of the year. For this who missed the initial pre-sale, you can still order the product on Amazon here and receive it before the holidays this December 2015.

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