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Chart that Translates Emojis on Different Platforms

Many of us turn to Google Translate when we’re in need of a handy translator, but did you know that there is a chart that translates how emojis look on different platforms?

The Unicode Consortium, a nonprofit that develops and maintains the computing-industry standard for how text, punctuation, and emoji look across platforms, updated it’s emoji chart last month and shows users how their smiley faces vary on different systems.

Take a look at some of the differences and similarities:


Most of the symbols look fairly similar no matter what platform you’re using but there were a few lost amongst translation. Here are examples that didn’t quite replicate each other’s look:

emoji2All in all, the next time you text someone with a different phone as you, consider that he or she might not get the full effect of your intended emoji, or may misinterpret your playful tongue-stuck-out emoji as someone trying to concentrate on a difficult task.

To see the full chart of emojis on different platforms, click here.


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