Windows 10 Start Menu

With Microsoft offering the free updates to Windows 10, many users have updated their devices to this operating system.  There have been significant changes made, which has made it a lot more convenient for users.



Let’s focus on the start button:

  • First off, the list of apps is presented alphabetically and are now shown in the front, making them easier to find.
  • Right-clicking an app you use regularly will let you pin it to the section on the right. There is also the “Most used” sections which allows you to place your most commonly used apps all in one convenient place.
  • Below the “Most used” section is the “Recently Added”


Additionally, there is a little sidebar to the left of the start menu, where you can access your account and Settings. The shutdown button is here as well. The little bar and the start menu can be customized at any time through the settings menu. You can add documents, music, pictures, or even change the design. Users can show more tiles or show suggestions in Start. There are so many possibilities and it is worth exploring/designing a start menu that best fits your needs.


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