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6 Free Marketing Certifications

With the rapid expansion of digital marketing, it’s important for professionals to stay up to date. Check out these free online courses to further hone into your marketing skills and earn marketing certifications upon your completions!

1. Google Analytics Individual Qualification Certification

About: 70 questions, 90 minutes, pass with 80%

The Google Analytics IQ course provides several ways for marketers to understand their audience, increase conversion, and measure marketing strategies. Through tools like In-Page Analytics, marketers are able
to gear their strategies to their audience by learning about what people are searching for. The course also reviews Google Analytics features such as Multi-Channel Funnels and Attribution which will provide information about how all your campaign elements function together — so you can give the most credit to those that work best. All in all, the GAIQ is worth the study especially for marketers who plan to analyze data and iterate new marketing strategies.

2. Inbound Marketing Certification by Hubspot Academy

About: 60 questions, 75 minutes, pass with 75%

The Inbound Marketing course comprises of 12 online lectures that allows you to learn about inbound strategies to grow an organization. The course covers topics including content creation, landing pages, and email marketing. To help master the topic, Hubspot Academy provides self-check quizzes and text transcripts for you to read along. After passing the exam, you will receive a personal badge and certificate, in which you can add to your website, email, signature, LinkedIn profile or print out.

3. SEO Training Course by Moz 

About: 1 hour video, unlimited time, certification of completion

Search Engine Optimization, known as SEO, is the active practice of optimizing a web site by improving internal and external aspects, in order to increase traffic from search engines (Udemy). By helping search engines figure out what each web page is about, potential customers are able to identify the site more easily. Understanding the fundamentals of SEO is essential for marketing because nowadays, customers and clients are constantly searching for information through the web. Under the 5 mini-lectures provided by Moz, you will gain a better understanding about building monthly SEO plans, ways to use social media for SEO, keyword targeting, link building, and mapping keywords to content.

4. Social Media Marketing Diploma by ALISON 

About: pass with 80% in each course assessments

ALISON’s online course covers the concepts and application of social media marketing and will equip you with skills to plan and implement successful social media marketing strategies. The online lecture covers topics ranging from the use of email marketing, affiliate marketing, social media tools, podcasting, and blogging. For those interested in digital marketing, this crash course is a great way to build fundamental knowledge while receiving a certification for your completion.

5. Bing AdWords Certification 

About: 100 questions, no time limit, pass with 80%

If you’re interested in the PPC Marketing industry, the course provided by Bing AdWords may be a great option for you. This course allows you to learn about the Bing search engine and its advertising platform, with topics ranging from keyword bids, optimization tools, audience targeting, and track conversions. After the training, you will understand how to reach new customers and improve conversion rate using Bing Ads.

6. Google AdWords Fundamentals Certification by Google Partners

About: 90 questions, 120 minutes, pass with 85%

Google AdWords is another option for PPC marketing. The training course covers topics from Conversion and Website Optimizer, Google Analytics, and much more. Google AdWords shows how many people notice your ads and the percentage of viewers who click to visit your website, or call you. With the tracking tools, you can even see the actual sales your website is generating as a direct result of your ads.

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