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Windows 10: Steps to a highly secure device

Cheap options for highly secure devices are available but not taken advantage by consumers. Microsoft has released a new document explaining the minimum hardware and firmware requirements to create a secure device. Here are some steps you can take:

  1. Systems must be on the latest, certified silicon chip for the current release of Windows
  2. Processor must have 64-bit architecture
  3. Take advantage of Windows 10 security features that help defend against advanced attackers (Windows Defender Credential Guard, Windows Defender Device Guard, HVCI)
  4. Processor must have Intel VT-d, AMD-Vi or ARM64 SMMUs
  5. Windows 10 device also needs Intell PTT, AMD, or a Trusted Platform Module
  6. System must implement cryptographically verified platform boot
  7. System must have 8GB of RAM

These are the main requirements. However, if you want to read in more detail, check out the document and make your device more secure!

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