Windows 10 Creators Update Removes 11 Significant Features

Microsoft is planning on distributing its free Windows 10 Creators update today and before you decide to update, be aware of the features that are being removed:

  1. Flash autorun in Edge – Flash will be turned off by default just like Chrome. However, it can be re enabled manually.
  2. Interactive Service Detection Service – works with legacy programs to detect when a service interacts with the desktop.
  3. Microsoft Paint extended language support – there will no longer be langauges on the main list
  4. Next Protocol Negotiation support in TLS – Application Protocol Level Navigation is stepping in to replace it
  5. Windows Server Update Services for Windows Mobile – will be moving to Unified update Platform
  6. Apndatabase.xml – will be replaced by the COSA database
  7.  Reading list – a feature that lets you save your reading articles for later. At Least this can be replaced by many third party services.
  8. Apps Corner – enables start start screen to be set for guest users.
  9. Tile Data Layer – records the default apps, programs, and tiles for Start menu
  10. TCPChimney – helps transfer the workload from the CPU to a network adapter
  11. IPsec task offload – a CPU saver which pushed certain resource heavy work to network adapter

Although there are many improvements and functionality strengths to look forward to, there are also some downfalls to the system so make sure you evaluate the pros and cons before deciding to upgrade.



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