Windows XP End of Life

Windows® XP grasps for air
as it reaches its end.


Microsoft has announced that it will end active support and give Windows XP its “end of life” (EOL) on April 8th 2014.  A truly compliance and risk nightmare for businesses and organizations.


What does this mean for you?

  1. Your XP computers won’t stop working, it will work just the way it did on April 7th, 2014.  However, Microsoft will stop providing patches, security updates or further infrastructure support. Basically no more help, which will make your computer more vulnerable to malware, viruses, hackers and scammers.
  2. Like a dominos effect, from a hardware and software standpoint, Windows XP will not run on systems based on the 4th generation Intel® Core™ processor family or later.  Software and hardware companies will end their support for Windows XP and their new software or hardware; drivers, patches and peripheral devices will no longer work on Windows XP.
  3. If you do use Windows XP after April 2014, it is basically at your own risk. Because from a compliance and risk standpoint, with the vulnerabilities that Windows XP will present after EOL, businesses and organizations that don’t upgrade may have to deal with the ramification from a malicious attack that leads to a data breach breaking PCI-DSS compliance, HIPPA, SOX, and state regulation compliances regarding customer privacy.

It’s important to fully consider the potential liabilities and legal issues your business or organization may have to endure with a hefty price tag in such cases.   According to the General Services Administration (GSA), many states have data privacy laws with varying non-compliance penalties, each requiring the exercise of due diligence in the protection of private information.

It goes without saying that any breach traced to a Windows XP system would likely be a violation of these statutes.  Given the publicity of Windows XP EOL date and its potential impacts, using Windows XP may cast doubts that your business or organization was being “duly diligent”.

 Simply put, the longer you wait, the more you may have to spend to fix it, not just monetarily, but your valuable time and energy.

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