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Vendor Management

Vender Management There is an important difference between a partner you work with and a vendor you buy from.

  • A partnership is formed when you work with someone who has your best interests in mind. A partner benefits when you benefit.
  • A vendor is another company that provides you with a product or service. A vendor benefit when you pay them.

RedOrum’s vendor management service isn’t just about organizing and simplifying your process with your vendors; we negotiate terms on your behalf and help foster a healthy business relationship between you and your vendors for the future. We strive to give you the best deal and the highest quality of services from your vendors while saving you cost long term and reducing your headaches.


Vendor Management Involves:

  • Negotiate better pricing for software licenses and hardware
  • Propose cost effective or higher quality alternatives
  • Work with you to establish goals and priorities
  • Communicate directly with vendors so you don’t have to
  • Monitor performance and provide feedback

We have already establish relationships with many technology vendors and can use that as leverage to not only provide the best vendors in the industry, but also pre-negotiated pricing.


Form a partnership with us and let your vendors be a benefit, instead of a burden.

Contact us about how our Vendor Management Services will work for you.

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