Technical Glitch Halts The New York Stock Exchange, Wall Street Journal, and United Airlines

On Wednesday morning, July 8th, 2015, a technical error led to some major halts, stopping the New York Stock Exchange, Wall Street Journal, and United Airlines. Wednesday’s outage led to several speculations about a  cyber attack but each company has responded denying the accusation.

The New York Stock Exchange commented, “”We found what was wrong and we fixed what was wrong and we have no evidence whatsoever to suspect that it was external.” At about 3:15pm the market slowly recovered from the halt and trade began to continue.

Shortly after the NYSE intermittent outage, the home page of the Wall Street Journal was out of service, displaying a 504 error message. A representative has yet to comment on why this issue had occurred; however, all technical problems were fixed by 12:50 p.m. EDT.

Similarly, a representative from United Airlines stated, “An issue with a (computer) router degraded network connectivity for various applications, causing this morning’s operational disruption.” It was said that all flights ran by United Airlines was grounded starting at 8 am, delaying 800 flights, which caused many travelers to seek alternative options. In response to this issue, United Airlines promised customers a reissuance of their flights free of charge.

The three coincidences proves that technical glitches can happen to the most sophisticated networks. We’re interested in what you think of Wednesday’s technical malfunction. Tweet @RedOrum to share your thoughts and questions.


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