Storage Certifications

For those of you who are looking for a new job or aiming to grow professionally, a certification could be the answer. From a hiring manager’s point of view, certifications can help trim some risk from the recruitment process. Below are some of the programs you can look into:

  1. SNIA – The SNIA Storage Networking Certification Program is focused on vendor neutral storage. The program is based on four primary certification levels:  SNIA Certified Storage Professional, SNIA Certified Storage Engineer, SNIA Certified Storage Architect, and SNIA Certified Storage Networking Expert.
  2. Brocade – Recently revamped its certification program with the new lineup taking effect in November 2016. The certification is organized by four job roles and four proficiency levels.
  3. Dell EMC – Tackles the broad range of combined company’s hardware, software solutions. The storage-specific certification tasks include information storage and management
  4. Hewlett Packard Enterprise – Spans IT management, big data, security, servers, cloud computing and more.
  5. IBM – Spans all if its enterprise tech offerings, including analytics, cloud, security and more.
  6. NetApp – Aimed at storage pros working with NetApp data storage and management technologies and offers four main job roles organized in three levels.



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