Snapchat Update: New Lenses and Freemium Option

On September 15, Snapchat released a new feature, allowing users to express their selfies using new animated “Lenses.” With a new look to filter snaps and videos, users can now animate and alter their appearances with Lenses provided on the bottom of the screen. To activate these Lenses, tap the screen on the center of the user’s face and a collection of animated circles will appear next to the camera circle.

Many users have identified the similar qualities of Snapchat’s new Lenses with Looksery’s filters, a selfie animation app that offers special filters during video chats. Coincidentally, just as Snapchat updated its features, Looksery is no longer available in the App Store. While there has been reports of a $150 million acquisition, neither Snapchat nor Looksery has commented on the situation.

In addition to Snapchat’s updated camera feature, the mobile application has introduced a freemium service that offers 3 Replays on any Snap for $0.99. What are your thoughts on the Snapchat update? Share comments and questions @RedOrum or like us on Facebook to stay up to date with our latest posts!


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