Samsung’s attempts to Gain Customer Trust Back

After the downfall of the Galaxy Note 7 with the fire incident, Samsung had to redeem itself. Samsung has implemented as 8-point Battery Safety Check Test which involved extreme testing on the batteries of new devices before they are shipped. Samsung is trying more than ever to gain customer trust back and ensure that their new Safety Check is more than just words.

8-Point Battery Safety Check Test:

  1. Durability Test – runs batteries through several stress tests that subject them to overcharging, puncturing, and extreme temperatures
  2. Visual Inspection – visually inspect each battery under certain guidelines
  3. X-ray – use x-ray to see the inside of the battery
  4. Charge and Discharge test – batteries undergo a large-scale charging and discharging test
  5. TVOC test – test to make sure that there isn’t any leakage of the volatile organic compound
  6. Disassembling test – disassemble the battery to assess its quality
  7. Accelerated Usage test – do an intensive test simulating accelerated consumer usage scenarios
  8. OCV test – check for any change in voltage throughout the manufacturing process

In addition to the test, Samsung is also implementing multi-layer safety measures during the design stage on other components of the device. The company has commissioned 700 researchers, engineers, and tested around 200,000 assembled devices. Although Samsung had a major downfall, it is taking so many actions to get to a point where consumers can once again trust them.


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