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Rechargeable Apple Products Now Available

New rechargeable Apple products are designed to make your life easier!

Apple released some pretty remarkable updates today that should get many iMac users very excited. Along with the feature updates for the iMac computer, which include faster RAM, sturdier processor, improved graphics hardware and more colorful 4K display, Apple also has redesigned several products.

Now known as the Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad 2, these updated iMac products are completely rechargeable. Say goodbye to those AA batteries!

The company informs its users that each product only requires two minutes of charging time for a solid nine hours of energy. Best of all, they claim the battery will only start to get low about once a month.


The new Magic Keyboard has several design changes:

  • Larger key size
  • Made of metal
  • Thick in the back, thinner in the front
  • Angled slant

Cost: $99 ($30 more than original)


Although there are not many design updates with the new Magic Mouse, features to be noted are:

  • The plate on the bottom of the mouse is gone
  • Tad bit longer
  • No batteries required, of course!

Cost: $79 ($10 more than original))


With the help of the Force Touch, the new Magic Trackpad could be very much be worth the price for its users. New features include:

  • Wider, square-shaped track pad
  • Metal slab underneath track pad
  • Additional Force Touch allowing you to Force click

Cost: $129 ($60 more than original)

If you are looking to purchase one of the new rechargeable Apple products, contact us today and we can help answer any questions you may have!

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