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Managed Business Continuity TimelineOn September 8th, 2011, California was hit by a blackout. It was the largest power failure in California’s history and is known as the Great Blackout of 2011.

Do you remember the chaos without electricity?
Are you prepared for any accidental disturbances that may occur in your business?

Our customers who we provide Managed Business Continuity to may have lost power to their building, but their servers, E-mail, Website, and phones remained up and functioning. Our data center is fully redundant and has backup generators.

Redorum managed business continuityThere are a lot of different custom Managed Business Continuity plans we can setup. For example, it could be set up to re-route your phone system when it goes down, all phone calls gets routed to a designated cell phone number, to a custom voice mail message, or another phone system. Services like this needs to be setup ahead of time so they activate the moment there is a problem.

Management Business Continuity is about keeping your business running and your data accessible even when there is a disaster. You may not have time to consider all the possibilities, or prepare for the worst case scenario. We understand that time is money and any downtime occurred could be rough for your business. We will dedicate our time and utilize all our resources to provide your company with constant up-time.

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“Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised.”
-Denis Waitley

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