Online Shopping Tips

With Christmas on it’s way, the online shopping market is greater than ever. It is convenient for the consumers, it is fast, and returns are pretty easy. But what about the thieves that wait to take advantage of this? This year, as you shop it is important to take some precautions as listed below.


Online shopping is great but you want to make sure your shopping safely. Here are a couple of tips:

  • Check websites for HTTPS – if the website is HTTPS, then you can be guaranteed a secure connection
  • Update your devices – The more you update your devices, the more secure it will be. Updates are constantly being released to secure any types of malware or hacking that could serve as a potential threat to you
  • Stay away from public Wifi – By using public wifi, you are knowingly exposing yourself to theft. It is better to use your data if you need to
  • Look for security signs – The most important sign you should look out for is the padlock on the browser which ensures security for your information
  • Exposure of log-in credentials – This may seem self explanatory but do not expose your log-in credentials. Once you tell someone, you are already at risk
  • Sensitive data – Don’t store sensitive data such as credit card numbers or other important information on your devices
  • Password – Use a complex password that is hard to break

By making these simple changes, you can be a lot less afraid of becoming a victim of cyber-theft.



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