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Microsoft’s Free Computer Science Curriculum

Interested in finding cheap and introductory computer science courses for your kids? Microsoft is now offering a free computer science curriculum. The course is designed to attract a broader and diverse audience including those who have never even considered programming.

The course is designed to emphasize hands on coding and can be taught via any device. The course is very flexible in that it lets students choose the right balance he or she desires. The course can be completed in as little as 6 weeks to 18 weeks. Students will learn how to code by working in real softwares and they will be able to publish apps and games that they made.

Some goals of the course include:

  • Attract interest in computer science from students of all ages
  • Teach fundamentals of programming
  • Install confidence with technology
  • Foster creativity
  • Teach how to program computing devices
  • Describe what a computer program is
  • Implement common program control structures
  • Read and code in the TouchDevelop environment
  • Create and publish TouchDevelop apps and games

Technical requirements include:

  • Student learning materials are provided in a digital file folder
  • A computing device
  • Internet access
  • Journal
  • Headphones

For more information on how to get started, watch the introduction video 

Sources: http://flip.it/ONXgDP

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