Microsoft Office Reaches Top Spot in iTunes App Store

microsoft-office-mobileMicrosoft has done something many people thought would never happen. Office has taken over top spots in the free iTunes app store for both iPhone and iPad. Word currently takes the top spot but other Office applications such as Excel and PowerPoint are not too far behind in ranking.

With huge competition from Google and Apple, what could Microsoft do to lure established users away from their favorite service? One way is to design an app that offers a lot of user friendliness. A worry from users is the formatting of the document on a smart phone. Some thought editing on a mobile device would make it difficult to work on a document and keep the same workflow as the desktop version.

With this in mind, apps were designed with a simple feature. This feature scales documents down to a reader friendly size all while keeping the document looking like it’s on a desktop. All the apps offer user friendly buttons and menus to control all of the features the desktop version of Office can.

Office for iPad was released much earlier than the iPhone version but has proven to be a very successful app. The success is due in large part to the iPad’s screen being much larger than a smart phone’s, thus making editing documents is much easier. The format of the document will look very similar to your desktop and has all the important functions as well. Large, complex documents are much easier to manage on the go. Office for Android tablets will be available in 2015 but for the most part has a similar look and feel to the iPad release.

ipad-word-microsoft-2Microsoft’s “freemium” strategy aims to draw users by opening the apps up and restricting less, all while keeping them free for users on any mobile device. Experts initially thought this jump by Microsoft was a little too late but, these experts were wrong. Numbers show consumers are giving Microsoft’s iOS apps a chance. Microsoft Word is #1, while Excel is #8 and PowerPoint comes in at #10 on the iPhone. The iPad’s rankings are even higher with word coming in at #1, while Excel and PowerPoint are #2 and #7 respectively. Since Microsoft made the change, Office for iPads has been downloaded more than 40 million times.

Microsoft’s recent blog post goes into further detail on what they plan to do with mobile versions of Microsoft Office in the future.

These apps are great for on the go and small changes to Office files, but creating extensive documents will be difficult on an app. If you prefer the full keyboard and desktop experience sign up for Office 365 through RedOrum. Contact RedOrum now and secure your subscription to Office 365 today!

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