Microsoft Holds off on New Updates

As excited as everyone is about the latest Microsoft operating system, Windows 10, Microsoft has recently announced that they will not be adding any more features to Windows 10 this year. Windows users will have to wait uWill Windows 10 be released for free?ntil next year for two major updates planned. The company has set a goal to try to offer two new updates to Windows 10 every year.

This year, Microsoft is going to focus on improving the Windows 10 experience for all users as there are currently many issues. There have been multiple reports of freeze-ups and black desktops. Some reports have even been around installation.

There are a lot of features for IT managers that Windows 10 offers that will assist with such problems:

  •         Windows Information Protection –  protection against potential data leakage
  •         Improvements to Windows Hello for Business
  •         Improvement on taskbar management
  •          Expanded mobile device management
  •          Shared PC mode
  •         App-V and UE-V as Windows features
  •        Windows Defender enhancements

With so many features already available for both consumers and IT managers, Microsoft hopes that by waiting to release new updates, Windows 10 users will be able to fully explore and take advantage of the new features before diving into newer updates.


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