Keyboard shows Vim commands

The vim text editor is beloved by programmers. It is very powerful but overwhelmingly complicated that most developers want to actually exit Vim.

Most people who are introduced to Vim spend a lot of time looking at references and guides but little do they know that there is a keyboard tool that could really help them. The Editor Keys’ Vim Keyboard Cover tells you what each key does within Vim’s various modes.

The company is Manchester-based and mostly targets creative industries. Aside from the keyboard, it also produces covers for audio and video editing apps.

Director, Mark Brown noticed that a significant amount of the traffic was organic along with many direct inquiries. He noticed that most developers loved the design because everything can be accomplished with your wrists being completely static. You won’t have to keep looking at the guide and instead you can simply glance down for reference and keep working. The keyboard covers are available for Macbook Air, the Macbook Pro Retina, the Macbook Pro with Touchbar, and is looking to expand to even more devices.


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