Keep it Cool – Tips for Preventing Damage from Overheating

San Diego summers seem to be getting hotter each year. Unbalanced temperatures can cause illness, and keeping your body temperature consistent, helps prevent sickness. The same concept applies to all your technology equipment. Keep IT cool in order to prolong your investment.

High temperatures can affect your personal computer, tablets, workstations, laptops, servers and practically all your technological investment. Your equipment can begin to malfunction and its lifespan can decrease.

Protect your Technology

LaptopKeep ample air circulated around the areas where your technology equipment is located; such as servers and switches. Using a fan or AC is crucial for your equipment to circulate heat away from it.

Hosting ServicesIf you have your own server room, make sure the AC unit is routinely checked and maintained to keep the units running strong at a constant temperature. Airflow is adequate, ceiling tiles are closed, and keep it clean; clutter free.

battery backupRolling blackouts may come with the heat. Protect your critical units by having backup batteries using the advancement in UPS technology like the NXRT-1500. Keep your systems running when the power is out or give yourself enough time time to gracefully shutdown the system to prevent data corruption.

energy efficient Light BulbTurn off your computer and monitor at the end of your work day and on the weekends when they’re not in use. In doing so, you will reduce the heat where your computers are located and save some electricity.

Take the necessary steps to prevent any technological issues that may arise from the summer’s heat. You will have better peace of mind to know that your investment in IT is not wasted.

Increase your ROI (return on investment) with RedOrum’s assistance. We can decrease the heat by consolidating your servers or providing you battery backup for preventative care. A detailed and informative assessment can be done to determine if your servers can be consolidated, virtualized or provide you with the proper backup power. By doing so, you will save on overall electricity costs and prolong your investment.

There are abundant benefits to virtualization, consolidation, and preventative care using battery backup for business continuity.

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