How to install Windows 10: Technical Preview

The latest and greatest technology Microsoft will be releasing is Windows 10. They’ve made great improvements to marry the usability of the Windows 7 Desktop experience and the touch/modern interface of Windows 8. Microsoft brings back the start menu with neat customizations and a better “one” experience for multiple devices and a unique automatic switching capability between desktop and tablet mode. They’ve improved the split screen snap feature to be able to snap applications into 4 quadrants. In 10, you can run the modern applications (aka universal app) in desktop mode which makes it very convenient and they’ve added multiple desktops which has been around since BeOS, Linux and OS X. Overall, very neat and much needed improvements to create a better user experience between traditional and modern UI.

Here are a few articles that provide you an “How to to load up Windows 10 Preview” if you are interested in experiencing what it’s all about.

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Using Virtual Box

Using USB Bootable drive

Source from Youtube; watch Windows 10 Tech Preview videos
Windows 10 Tech Preview Channel

A good introduction article on Windows 10 by
Brett Howse over at

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