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How to Best Market your Business on Instagram

Every social media site has specific ways to post that work best for the followers. If you are utilizing Instagram as one of your main channels, here are some tips:

  1. Show your expertise – to position yourself as an expert in the field it is good to share tips, hacks, and shortcuts. You can share tips as infographics or 15 second videos of you talking.
  2. Inspire with success stories – As a business owner you have a lot of words of wisdom to share. You could talk about strategies for achieving success and share before and after images
  3. Make them smile – You can always brighten someone’s day with a simple image or joke. Make sure the joke is not controversial however
  4. Raise the curtain – Show the behind the scenes of your business and how it is developing. Posting a quick video could be effective.
  5. Sell the solution to their problems – People often go to social media to seek both mental and physical health. Give them the inspiration they need to achieve a better life. Even though this is not related to the business it will help establish greater relationships

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