How “M”, the Facebook Digital Assistant, may attract Businesses

FACEBOOK MESSENGERToday, Facebook released its first digital assistant, nicknamed “M”, to several Silicon Valley testers.  Competing with other personal assistant engines like Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana, “M” can schedule appointments, purchase items, deliver gifts to loved ones, and more. The software is integrated in Facebook’s Messenger app, allowing users to message M the same way they would message their Facebook contacts. According to David Marcus, Facebook’s Messenger chief, the services provided by M are not fully computer-generated, but are “powered by artificial intelligence that’s trained and supervised by people.”


With so many potential business opportunities, the question now is how M will be used to attract companies and expand on-app advertisements. In March, Facebook launched a new customer service feature through its Messenger app, allowing companies to directly contact customers by sending receipts, shipment notifications, and basic customer service. Though Facebook has not specified how fast this trend has caught on, the Messenger team is already working on improvements and expansion with features on Business on Messenger. “We have a lot of threads open between businesses and people, and the engagement is very good,” says Marcus. “Now we want to open it to more businesses.”


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