How Do I Know If I Am On a Secure Site?

SSL-securityIn this day and age internet security is extremely important to users. Because there are many ways for your information to be stolen, secure websites are the only way to safely submit information online. A secure website facilitates a safe connection between a website and the web browser in order to protect the user’s personal data. Personal information could include anything from your name, address, and phone number to social security number, credit card numbers, and more.  An unsecure site opens the user up to fraud and potentially identity theft. There are ways you can be safe by being proactive and making sure the page you are using is secure.

Here are a few quick tips to help you stay safe while browsing the web.

  • Look for the “S” at the end of http in the web address. All secure sites will have httpS in the web address.
  • Check for the padlock icon in the URL bar
  • Click the locked or green padlock (Google Chrome) to view the validation details
  • Non secure sites will never show the padlock icon or have HTTPS in the web address

Below you will see how three popular browsers show the site is secure:

Mozilla Firefox

When Firefox is on a secure site you will see a locked padlock and https:// prior to the URL.

Google Chrome

Similar to Firefox, Google Chrome will have a locked padlock and https:// prior to the URL.

Internet Explorer


Internet Explorer is a little different than Firefox and Chrome. This browser, when on a secure page, will show the https:// prior to the url. The locked padlock icon will be shown all the way to the right of the URL bar.

Internet fraud should be a concern of everyone who uses the internet. Cyber criminals will do anything they can to trick you into giving them your information. Remember to look for these simple clues and your identity will not fall into the wrong hands.

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