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Hackers targeting Mac User


Over the weekend, the security firm, Palo Alto Networks, wrote a blog post about a recent ransomware they had found bundled into a a popular Mac app.

The company believe that it’s the fire ever piece of malware developed for the platform and notes that the ransomware, named “KeRanger” was found on  Transmission, a free and open-source BitTorrent client for Mac.

No comments have been made on how attackers were able to infect the files.

Once a user installs the infected app, KeRanger embeds itself into the system and conceals the user’s data including documents, photos, audio, and video files – even databases and email archives.

After doing so, KeRanger asks victims to pay 1 Bitcoin (about $410 currently) in order to get their files back.

Though Transmission developers have updated their installers and the ransonware no longer threatens users, it’s still scary to see hackers beginning to target OS X users to encrypt their files.

It’s becoming clear that no one’s data is truly safe. However, the real danger is agreeing to attackers’ demands and proving them that their malicious activity is viable and worth pursuing.


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