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GoPro QuikStories

If you are a big social media user you probably have noticed the trend towards the so called “stories”, which give friends temporary updates of your day. First Snapchat, then Instagram, Facebook, and now GoPro.

GoPro recently came out with “QuikStories” which are shareable videos from your camera for uploading to social media. The difference with QuickStories is that it generates your clips automatically. Once you connect you phone, you simply pull down on the home screen and the GoPro app will search your camera for new clips and then slice them for you. You can even customize the clips, move them around, and add music.

“Stories” on Instagram and Snapchat can now break out of the dry and warm places that it likes to live and include moments in the ocean and more hostile environments. QuickStories integrates with most social networks you already have on you phone or you can just export the video and do whatever you want with it.

Sources: https://www.engadget.com/2017/07/27/gopro-quikstories-automatic-video-edits/

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