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Does it always seem that when a deadline is coming, your computer starts
working against you and it slows down?

Frustrated Business PersonLast week, I was with a customer who had a deadline in 15 minutes. His computer experience high CPU utilization that caused his computer to run extremely slow. The factors that contribute to high CPU usage and slow performance vary. The most common are:

  • out-of-date drivers,
  • running too many applications at once,
  • insufficient virtual memory,
  • overheating from poor ventilation and
  • virus and malware infections.

In his case the problem was caused by a virus that caused high CPU utilization. Fortunately, I was able to check his computer as part of our maintenance program. I ran some quick diagnostics to identify the problem. Once I found the problem, I was able to remove the virus and restored it back to normal operations. He was able to turn in his work in on time.

 Don’t let this happen to you, this can be fixed and improved.

RedOrum’s system management maintenance program can manage and maintain your system. We are able to perform recommended or instructed maintenance on your system on a regular basis, evaluate your system and network, and provide you the best solution within your budget.

Contact us to evaluate your current situation; to offer possible solutions. Then you can be confident in the safety of all your computers and data.

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