Did Amazon Prime Day Really Fail?

On July 15, 2015, unsatisfied customers vented all over social media over Amazon’s 24-hour sale for Prime members. Amazon’s made-up holiday known as “Prime Day” generated thousands of negative criticism with labels that included #PrimeDayFail and #gobacktosleep. The social data intelligence company,  Talkwalker, has gathered the numbers from July 13 to July 15,2015 through 6pm EST.

  • The #PrimeDay hashtag has received 110,016 mentions
  • #PrimeDay hashtag has received 90,350 engagements (re-tweets, shares, mentions etc.)
  • The #PrimeDayFail hashtag received 6,303 mentions after the sales launched
  • Sentiment for the #PrimeDay hashtag went from 10% negative sentiment before the sale to 24% negative once sales launched
  • @Amazon has received 89,648 total audience mentions
  • @Amazon has received 32,093 engagements
  • Combined @Amazon and the #PrimeDay hashtag have had a sizeable dip in sentiment since the sales launched receiving a combined 41,434 negative mentions from users

Despite the negative criticisms on social media, Amazon has reported that product orders have surpassed its 2014 Black Friday sale, a sale that was not exclusive for Prime members. The purpose of Prime Day was to generate awareness about Amazon’s exclusive membership rather than to generate revenue. In fact, with all the discounts Amazon was providing, the company most likely lost money on Prime Day; however, the risk may be worth the tradeoff if shoppers convert to Prime members (Halpin). In addition to the increase in brand awareness, Amazon’s mobile app saw a huge influx in downloads on Wednesday due to Prime Day. According to Sarah Perez, an I.T. blogger for Techcrunch, the U.S. iOS app jumped from No. 21 Overall yesterday to No. 5 today. On Google Play in the U.S., Amazon’s app didn’t quite reach as high a ranking (it’s at No. 14 now), but in absolute terms, the download volume for the app was even higher than it was on iOS. All in all, the numbers show that there was a demand for Prime Day, but Amazon has yet to comment on its sales figures and membership conversions.


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